Welcome to Maku Brewing!

We are a proudly Finnish craft brewery who believe in great brews and positive thinking, two things that come in handy when building a craft brewery! We are located in the heart of Uusimaa country in a town called Tuusula, approximately 30 min drive north from Helsinki.

Thank you for visiting our web shop, you can find our current selection as well as shop opening times below as well as contact information if you have any further queries.

Finally, our name. ”Maku” means taste in Finnish. We are confident you will soon understand why we chose that name. Kippis!

Collection Address: Sarvivälkkeentie 12, Tuusula.

Opening Hours: Wednesdays 14–18 Fridays 14–18 Saturdays 10–14

(These hours are occasionally subject to change. We post via our social media accounts any temporary changes that may occur – you can find links to our accounts at the bottom of this page.)

Unfortunately, due to Finnish legislation, we are unable to post your order to you (both nationally and internationally). We can however hold any order that you place for a maximum of 30 days from the date of purchase to try and best fit your schedule.

For further information on our Kiosk, please contact [email protected]